About Jody Ellen

Singer/songwriter Jody Ellen's journey spans from her roots in a family Gospel/Bluegrass band to the diverse realms of Steampunk and Pop/Alt-Rock. She captivates audiences with each performance.

With undeniable passion and energy, Jody brings her astounding vocal range and ear-catching melodies to the Seattle music scene. Her voice, a mixture of soulful yet super catchy melodies, combines a huge powerful vocal range with a breathy, velvety texture. Formerly with Steampunk band Abney Park, she's hailed as one of the most talented women in the genre.

After leaving Abney Park in 2014, Jody focused on her solo career, releasing albums like "Skyscrapers & Helicopters" and "Bookends Fall." Her music blends contemporary ballads, Melodic/Alternative Rock, and Electronic Dance tracks.

Compared to vocalists like Amy Lee and Hayley Williams, Jody's stage presence surprises audiences with new songs and styles.

Currently, Jody is writing her third album, performing locally with her acoustic duo Left Coast Dreamers and funk cover band Soulfunktion, and pursuing other creative endeavors such as her photography studio Bright Eyes Photography.

"Kaleidoscope" Music Video!